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Found Pages: The Remarkable Harold Ernest (“Darcy Glinto”) Kelly, 1899–1969.

Sidebar 7: Hector and Harold Kelly as publishers

The Kellys’ operations included Everybody’s Books, Hector Kelly Ltd., and the Robin Hood Press, together with The Pinto Library (back cover of Bryn Logan’s Gullytown Gets a Marshal), The Other-World Book Club (back cover of Lady—Don’t Turn Over, 1952), and The Realistic Book Club (back cover of Curtains for Carrie, 1953), all of which presumably disseminated their books.

Here are such titles as I have been able to find through lists in Kelly books and by checking the British Library holdings.

1. Everybody’s Books, 1943–1946





2. Hector Kelly, Ltd. (ca. 1948–1954?)

Some or most of these books appear as Evergreen Westerns. Some are in The Pinto Library.

3. Robin Hood Press

Started in 1946 by Hector and Harold Kelly, with Hector as Managing Director, and coming to an end in 1955.

4. R.C. Publishing Co

I don’t know what this is, but Carson, Logan, and Wayne are Kelly authors.




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