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Afterwords: Politics

I see that I entirely failed to mention Vietnam.

Carol not only did the breakthrough oil Camouflage (1969), which memorably displays military stretcher-bearers moving through a Rousseauistic tangle of leaves half-hiding their forms. (Regrettably, it doesn’t reproduce well enough to be included here.)

In 1968 she was also at work on the remarkable oil that you see below, and which is visible on the studio wall in black-and-white photos from that year.

But I have no idea where the painting is now, or whether in fact it exists at all, since there is no slide of it. She may have stripped the canvas and reused it for something else, perhaps even Camouflage. She was capable of that, as witness Interlude III.

Somewhere or other I have a coloured photo, I think in some clipping about her, in which you can see the details more clearly. The sun is red, and in the green vegetation below it are the bodies of dead soldiers. I forget what colour the sky is. The upper and lower parts are painted thinly. The central area is quite thick in places.

If and when that photo turns up (assuming that I haven’t heard from anyone who knows where the painting itself is), I shall see if the painting can’t be reconstituted (up to a point) on the computer screen.

I have given it its present title for ease of identification. All titles in square brackets were provided by me for untitled works.


[War], 1968, oil


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